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Watching 6 adult porn videos simultaneously on one screen

>Choose Up To 6 Videos

Choose any combination (2, 4, or 6 ) videos to play at once with our porn software. To select a video to be added to your playlist, click the items (thumbnails), and the video will be added to the playlist. Once you have created a playlist, simply press the play button at the top left hand corner of the screen and all the videos you have selected will start to play simultaneously. Each video will be resized to fit your screen. Each video has its own standard set of video controls and to access the controls you hover over each video screen and the controls will appear for that video. When you are done watching, and you exit your playlist, you will have the option to save the playlist so you can easily go back and watch it again.

easily orginize your video content with our XXX porn software.

Categorize & Orginize

First you start by importing your content using the Setting drop down menu located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You can import folders or files from anywhere on your computer. When you import your videos too Media Gallery Pro , you can categorize your videos into Libraries by genre, date, or whatever convention you choose. You can add your files to one of the current libraries or create a new one.

Adult video software swap feature

Using Features

Our porn software offers a wide range of awesome features when you are viewing your favorite xxx videos. You can replace individual videos while other videos are playing. If you double click on any video, that screen will play in full screen mode while the other videos continue playing in the background. Easily select a start and stop point on any video, then play the se selected portion on a continuous loop. After viewing your selection you can save the playlist so you can easily watch that playlist again at a later date. Our video software is also great for watching sports.


  • Simultaneous movie viewing of 2, 4 or 6 videos at the same time
  • Organize your movie/video files into category specific folders
  • Replace any one video during playback while the others continue
  • Pause All
  • Go fullscreen anytime while the other movies play in the background
  • And so much much more...

Comparison Table

Free/15 Days $29.99/Life
Organize Your Content yes yes
Watch 2, 3, 4,5 or 6 Videos At Once yes yes
Free Safe and Secure Download yes yes
Use the Playback Features yes yes
Use A/B Loop yes yes
Uninterrupted Viewing/Nag Screens no yes
Get All Future Upgrades, Free! no yes
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This is awesome, I have always wanted something that would allow me to multiscreen porn, now I have it. I think I have tried to jerry-rig something in the past using a porn site and a large screen. Not quite as good! Thanks...

- John A / Rockland County, NY

Finally, a movie viewer that gives me the power to watch and control my movie library, it’s like VLC player on steroids!

- Tom Tasher / Salinas, California.

MediaGalleryPro makes finding and viewing my library of movies much easier

- Kathy Lancaster / Wales, England